A Big Vote Happening Tomorrow. Help Save NV Solar.

Posted by Amy Guinan

Aug 25, 2015 5:00:00 PM


Save Solar in Nevada

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26th, Nevada’s Public Utility Commission (PUC) will decide whether to agree with the state's major utility, NV Energy, and implement huge rate increases for solar customers. Industry insiders say the move could completely devastate the residential market in the state - at a time when solar is booming in Nevada.

Designed to thwart competition from residential solar, NV Energy has submitted a proposal with the PUC that would limit net metering and impose fees that would result in 41% higher utility bills for residential solar users. 

Solar Success in Nevada

Currently, Nevada is #1 in solar jobs per capita. Investment in solar quadrupled last year to more than half a billion dollars. And there are more than 100 solar companies in Nevada, including six manufacturers. 

On Wed August 26th, the Public Utilities Commission will make a choice: will they stand up for Nevada jobs and energy choice, or NV Energy’s profits?

Sign the petition to tell the Nevada PUC to support consumer choice!

Obama on the Side of Consumers

Ironically, at the recent 8th annual Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, a mecca of solar for Nevada, President Obama applauded several utilities around the country that have put pro-solar policies in place and are working to figure out how to transition the electricity industry from a simple provider to an integrated system of distribution.  

Consumers, solar installers, small business owners, legislators, and even the President of the United States know that American utilities, including NV Energy, need to step into the 21st century and support renewable energy.

As Obama said at the Summit “America always comes down on the side of the future."

Sign the petition to tell the Nevada PUC to support consumer choice!

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