Americans Vote for Solar as the #1 Energy Source to Develop

Posted by Amy Guinan

Apr 9, 2015 8:00:00 AM

soalr_home-3As part of its annual Environmental Poll, Gallup just reported that 91% of respondents said the U.S. should place more emphasis, or the same emphasis, on solar development. In this newly released nation-wide poll, solar was voted as the #1 domestic energy source that should be developed with greater emphasis.

Wind and natural gas took 2nd and 3rd place for energy sectors Americans feel need greater emphasis. 

GALLUP Poll March 5-8, 2015
Solar power 79 12 9
Wind 70 14 14
Natural gas 55 32 12
Oil 41 27 30
Nuclear power 35 28 33
Coal 28 27 43

The poll also demonstrated that solar enjoys broad bipartisan support, with 70% of Republicans and 82% of Democrats favoring increased solar deployment.  Solar was also the only energy source that saw an increase in favorability over Gallup's 2013 poll. 

Want to support solar?  Consider installing solar on your home AND contacting Congress to let them know that 91% of Americans support development of solar.

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