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Posted by Douglas Arrison

Jul 12, 2009 7:00:00 AM

Energy is a top priority for the Obama administration. Its impact on all sectors of the economy and national security require that rational policies be implemented to promote renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind power. We intend to participate in the debate to help shape those policies and bring them to life.

Sound energy policy is just one part of the solution, however. The education of consumers about their energy choices will have a profound impact on the future of renewable energy around the world. We will use this blog to help educate the public about all aspects of solar and wind power, from practical tips to more broad ranging analysis and opinion. Our hope is that an educated population, making the right choices, will create demand for alternative energy - boosting the industry, creating jobs, cleaning the environment and making us more secure.

Primary Blog Contributor - Neville Williams

We are pleased to introduce our primary blog contributor and newest dasolar.com Board member, Neville Williams. Neville is a solar energy pioneer whose many accomplishments have earned him praise from both Presidents and Prime Ministers alike. Among his achievements are the founding of three organizations (one non-profit and two commercial) devoted to spreading the use of solar energy for residential lighting and power. With his non-profit, Solar Electric Light Fund, he introduced solar panels and solar lighting to the developing world by educating donors and governments about the efficacy of localized solar power.

He proved that putting solar power on individual houses was practical. Later, with the two commercial solar companies he founded, he proved that it could also be profitable.

Neville's experience in the solar industry is remarkable in it's depth, and we look forward to his ongoing contributions to this forum and the dialogue at large.

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We blog about all types of renewable energy. Our goal is to help explain the technology and the benefits of solar, wind, geothermal and other forms of alternative energy - and deliver those benefits to you.

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