One Massachusetts solar rebate program still taking applications

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Mar 22, 2010 3:11:00 AM

Massachusetts is on a roll when it comes to solar: The solar electric market there has experienced triple-digit growth for two straight years!

In January 2010, Massachusetts started accepting applications for two solar power rebate programs. One of them, the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus program, is already full; the other, Commonwealth Solar II, is still taking new applications, according to its Web site. Commonwealth Solar II provides rebates for photovoltaic products installed at residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public buildings.

If you want to get in on the Commonwealth Solar II rebate, however, you better move fast. We can find you a Massachusetts solar panel installer who will give you a free solar evaluation.

There's a boatload of Massachusetts residential solar energy incentives, which when combined with federal solar rebates could cut your installation costs up to 50 percent!

The first block of Commonwealth Solar II rebates, $1 million total, will be doled out over three months or until the funds are gone, whichever comes first. Since this solar energy program began in late January 2010, it could run through late April. Fill out our Massachusetts solar panel installation form today and get started!

Over the long-term (2017 and after) the state plans to phase out rebates and have its solar market based on solar renewable energy credits. So grab a rebate while it's available!

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