Colorado to Offer $18 Million in Rebates for Solar Power, Energy Efficiency

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Apr 14, 2010 2:37:00 AM

The state of Colorado will launch a new energy rebate program April 19, complete with a comprehensive new Web site that will provide rebate and financial incentive information, as well as conservation and energy-saving tips.

The program will provide $18 million in rebates for solar energy systems and energy efficiency purchases, including appliances. Residents and businesses may apply; the process requires the consumer to apply to reserve a rebate before purchasing and installing new equipment. A contractor must fill out the application.

Businesses can receive rebates for the following types of renewable energy projects: small commercial solar thermal, commercial solar photovoltaic, and commercial wind.

Homeowners can receive rebates for many items, including energy audits and renewable energy installations such as residential solar thermal systems, residential solar photovoltaic, and residential wind power systems.

A DASolar contractor can help with your rebate application and with services such as Colorado solar panel installation and energy audits. If you’re considering a business or home energy audit or solar installation, fill out our online form to get a free solar evaluation. One of our certified local contractors will contact you to discuss your needs.

These state energy rebate programs typically sell out quickly, according to the Denver Post, so be ready to apply for a rebate April 19 or soon thereafter. One of our contractors can complete your application and schedule an energy audit or solar installation for your home or business.

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