North Texas Solar Energy Incentive Program Expected to Restart Soon

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Apr 30, 2010 2:44:00 AM

In the coming weeks, Texas electricity distribution and transmission company Oncor is expected to restart its solar incentive program, which has proven so popular the firm had to bring forward program funds slated for 2011 and 2012 in order to meet customer demand.

Oncor provides electricity to about one-third of Texas residents, mostly in north Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth. The company will lower its solar energy incentive rates in order to make funds available to a larger number of participants.

In Texas, these solar incentives—when combined with federal solar tax credits—can cover about 50 percent of solar installation costs. Oncor incentives generally are all taken after a few months; the federal solar incentives run through 2016. If you want to take advantage of these incentives and switch to clean solar energy and get a Texas solar panel installation, sign up for a free solar estimate at We’ll have one of our local certified solar installers contact you, do an estimate and explain all of the incentive programs.

The Texas solar incentive programs have received a huge response, especially in Dallas and Fort Worth. Oncor officials said the program exceeded expectations. So if you have a home or business and are thinking about going for a solar installation in North Texas, it’s best to move quickly to grab an Oncor incentive once they are available again.

(Photo from Corey Leopold's photostream)

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