Vermont Funds New Round of Small-Scale Solar and Wind Energy Incentives

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Apr 23, 2010 3:00:00 AM

A Vermont clean energy board announced April 21 that the state government has made available $5.5 million to support the installation of solar and small wind projects at homes and businesses in the state.

The money from the Clean Energy Development Fund will revive the Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program that was first established in 2003. The relaunched program started taking applications for incentives on Earth Day, April 22.

According to a state government press release, since 2003 the program has provided more than $5 million in incentives, leveraging over $25 million of private investments in solar electric, solar hot water and small wind systems. Some 1,300 solar energy and wind energy systems have been installed in Vermont due to this program.

We noted in an earlier post that one Vermont utility has seen the number of customers using small-scale renewable energy double since 2008.

These state incentive programs often fill up quickly, so if you’re considering solar energy, solar hot water or a small wind system in Vermont, you better get moving. Your application must include an installer’s signature; can connect you with a certified local solar contractor or wind energy installer. Just fill out our online form to sign up for a free solar or wind evaluation. If you’re considering a Vermont solar panel installation or wind energy installation, we’re your source.

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