Vermont Utility Sees Jump in Renewable-Energy Systems, Including Solar

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Apr 7, 2010 3:18:00 AM

Green Mountain Power, a utility company serving 25 percent of Vermonters, said the number of customers using small-scale renewable energy sources to generate their own electricity has more than doubled since 2008. The largest growth came from customers who generate electricity with solar panels, the company said in an April 6 press release.

Vermont’s net-metering law and Green Mountain Power’s solar incentive program help offset costs and lower electricity bills for customers.

Since the state’s net metering program began in 1998, GMP customers' projects account for nearly 3 megawatts of renewable power. Some 300 GMP customers are in the net metering program.

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Vermont’s solar rebates plus federal solar rebates add up to cover almost 50 percent of a solar power installation! Our certified solar panel installers can explain the various rebates to help you estimate your costs. This post also describes some of the state incentives and the feed-in tariff.

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