Columbus, Ohio, Area Sees More Use of Solar Energy

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

May 14, 2010 5:57:00 AM

The CEO of a digital media firm in Upper Arlington, Ohio, always thought about going solar, but it wasn’t until recently that it made economic sense.

A number of state and federal grants, along with opportunities to have utility companies "buy back" any excess power created by a solar system, have made solar electric panels more economically feasible, according to

The article quotes Horizons Co. CEO Don Lee as saying, “In the old days, it used to be a seven- to 10-year pay back," Lee said. "Now we're looking to get our money back in two to three years."

He now has 192 solar electric panels on his company’s roof; they generate 68 kilowatts of power.

Other small businesses are doing the same thing in Ohio. In a recent post, we mentioned Herb’s Body Shop in Marion, Ohio, is also putting solar panels on the roof. State politicians want to make the Buckeye State a national solar power leader.

You can go solar, too. Now is a great time, because federal and state incentives can cut the price of a solar system in Ohio by 50 percent. So if you’re interested in an Ohio solar panel installation, fill out the online form at and get a free solar estimate from one of our local certified solar installers.

We’ve got you covered if you want to learn more about a Columbus solar panel installation or one in Toledo. We’ll put you in touch with a local solar installer anywhere in the state, from Akron to Youngstown.

One nice thing about solar is you won't be subject to rising electricity and fuel prices. So check it out; the federal solar energy tax credit is generous and the time is right to go solar.

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