Solar Panels Gain Popularity in Tennessee

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

May 5, 2010 4:03:00 AM

Corporations and government agencies seem to be competing to see who can host the largest solar power system in Tennessee. In the latest case of one-upsmanship, Nashville’s Metro Housing and Development Authority put up solar panels with a total capacity just a bit greater than the solar system atop a shopping mall in Hendersonville.

Momentum is building to add solar energy to homes and businesses as a way to live more gently in the environment and to save money as electricity rates rise, according to

Homeowners can also get into the solar energy game. Right now is an excellent time to consider solar electric or solar hot water systems, because Tennessee state rebates plus federal solar tax credits can save you about 50 percent on the cost. So if you’re thinking about a Tennessee solar panel installation—or solar thermal (hot water) installation--fill out our online form at to get a free solar estimate from one of our local, certified solar installers.

Any contractor worth his or her salt will tell you that energy efficiency is the first step to reducing your home energy bills. To find out the best ways you can cut your energy use and costs, sign up to talk to one of our local home energy audit consultants.

Of course, you may want to do both in order to explore all of your options. As one man quoted in the article said, solar is the wave of the future. One day solar panels will be as common as TV sets. The current era of generous state rebates and federal energy tax credit could be the start of a big solar trend.

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