Louisiana Pushing Solar, Other Renewables After Gulf Oil Spill

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Jun 2, 2010 8:40:00 AM

While oil continues to gush out of BP’s busted well in the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana legislators are pushing at least three bills to help renewable energy, including solar power.

One bill would make Louisiana’s solar incentive program more attractive, preventing unreasonable restrictions on installations of solar panels. Another bill would let the state rent out state-owned land to build renewable energy projects, including solar and wind farms. One bill also would allow hydrokinetic turbines in the Mississippi River and one of its distributaries, according to SolveClimate.com.

The Louisiana energy tax credit is already one of the most generous in the nation. The state provides a tax credit of 50 percent on a solar panel installation, up to $12,500. Add that to the federal tax credit of 30 percent and you can get back 80 percent of the cost of a $25,000 system.

Now solar energy is not an exact replacement for oil, but if you install solar panels and get a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can charge up your ride using solar power—and reduce your dependence on oil and gasoline.

Even if you own a conventional car, solar electricity and thermal solar hot water systems make a lot of sense, due to the incredible state and federal solar energy tax credits.

So, if you’re wondering what a Louisiana solar panel installation will cost you, or if your house is even optimally sited for solar, fill out our online form to sign up for a free solar evaluation from a local, certified solar photovoltaic installer.

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