Oregon Approves New Solar Incentive Payment Program

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Jun 4, 2010 6:38:00 AM

Recently, Oregon announced a new solar program in which utilities will pay premium rates to people for generating solar power with small-scale systems.

Portland General Electric (PGE), PacifiCorp and Idaho Power will pay residents who install solar systems a guaranteed amount--$0.55 per kilowatt hour and up--for 15 years, providing an opportunity to cover the cost of the system.

This means when the new program begins July 1, Oregonians who want to go solar will have a choice of state solar incentive programs. They can either choose the new solar payback program, or the old Oregon energy tax credit program—but they won't be able to do both.

Of course, they’ll still be able to claim the 30 percent federal energy tax credit for solar systems.

Oregon is the first state to launch an initiative of this type that sets aside capacity for smaller-scale projects, reports OregonLive.com, and that finances the program without state tax credits.

So now Oregon homeowners have two ways to recoup their solar panel investments, while organizations that don’t pay taxes--churches and some other non-profits—will now have a financial solar incentive for the first time.

It’s all good for solar energy in Oregon. By the way, if you’re thinking about an Oregon solar panel installation, go ahead and complete our online form to sign up for a free solar evaluation from one of our local certified solar installers. They can also help explain the various solar incentive programs.

Whether you want a solar photovoltaic panel system, a solar thermal system (hot water) or a home wind power system, our network of contractors can help. We also can help with commercial solar panel installations.

If you have a home or business in Oregon and want to go solar, contact us to find out whether solar is right for your site.

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