In South Carolina, Solar Power Gains Momentum

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Jul 16, 2010 10:56:00 AM

Over in the Palmetto State, solar panel inquiries are at an all-time high, due to rising electricity costs, according to local solar installers. One man just installed a 14.1-kilowatt system, the largest residential solar energy system in the state.

Yes, solar power is picking up some heat in South Carolina, per this article in But the state still ranks 28th in the country in amount of solar installed, so there’s a ways to go.

The South Carolina energy tax credit is 25 percent; combine this with the federal tax credit of 30 percent, and more than half of your solar system is paid for. In addition, the city of Charleston is creating a $2 million fund for residents and businesses who want to borrow money for upgrades.

So if you’re considering a South Carolina solar panel installation, sign up online for a free solar estimate from one of our local, certified solar installers. They can determine whether your home is a good solar candidate and give you a cost estimate. Plus they can explain and guide you through all of the local tax credits and rebates.

Solar power: It's clean, it's green, and now it's affordable.

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