Texas: Big on Renewable Energy Potential

Posted by Daniel Kulpinski

Jul 21, 2010 4:40:00 AM

The Lone Star State may be best known for its oil industry, but it also leads the nation in one renewable energy and has the potential to do a lot more.

Texas is the largest wind-power state, with a capacity of 9,410 megawatts. It also gets tons of sunshine and could be a huge solar-power generator, too.

In recent years, Texans have filled up utility-run solar incentive programs as quickly as cattle on a stampede; many languish on solar waiting lists. Some folks are urging the state to set up its own solar incentives to tap this unfulfilled demand.

If you want to install renewable energy systems, such as solar or wind, on your residential or business property, there are some Texas energy tax incentives to help you pay for it.

Plus there are myriad incentives offered by local Texas power companies.

DASolar can navigate the energy-incentive landscape for you and help you get the best deal on a renewable energy system. So if you’re considering a Texas solar panel installation or a Texas home wind power installation, fill out the online form at DASolar.com to set up a free estimate from a local, certified installer.

If you’re more concerned about energy efficiency, we can analyze your home’s energy use, insulation, air seal—the works. We provide Texas home energy audits to help you save money and energy.

Texas is big and it has big renewable energy and energy efficiency potential. Don’t wait for the legislators—start greening your energy use today.

(Photo from Amarillo Chuck's photostream)

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