Community Solar A Winner

Posted by Amy Guinan

Oct 13, 2015 10:27:53 PM

Community solar rocks!

Solar for All

As installation prices drop and technologies improve, Americans are embracing solar.  But there are still factors that limit the access to solarfor some people:  tree cover, roofs that face the wrong direction, lack of upfront capital, or not owning the home.  

Community-Shared Solar

Community-shared solar is a solar installation that is shared in a common space. Through a system called virtual net metering, homes and businesses, even if shaded by trees or with roofs facing the wrong diretion, collectively receive a bill credit as if the panels were on their own roof.  

Community-shared solar has a number of benefits:

1. Better solar placement:  Community-shared solar allows for the solar array to be set up with optimal exposure.   Installers and consumers can choose the most productive sites making for a better investment with higher financial returns.

2.  Broadens solar access:  It allows non-homeowners to invest in solar.  In affordable housing units or for people renting, community-shared solar gives them equal access to the benefits and cost savings of solar.

3.  Installation prices drop on larger systems:  Community-shared solar enables larger project developments - which lowers costs for everyone - and makes investment a more intriguing option.  The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) calculated that the installed cost of solar drops over 30 percent when moving from a 2 kilowatt system to a 10 kilowatt system

4.  Less red tape:  Community- shared solar can streamline the interconnection application and review process for both utilities and customers. Compared to applications from multiple residents with rooftop solar, a community project would require a single filing, saving both time and money.

5.  More renewables to the grid: More solar installations mean more renewables for everyone - good for the environment and good for peak demand times.  

Check out CO's Solar Gardens Program for an impressive, working, community-shared solar program.

Interested in solar for your home?  Click here for a free quote.  

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