GRID Alternatives: Promoting Equal Opportunity to Renewables

Posted by Amy Guinan

Feb 19, 2015 12:00:00 AM

GRID_logo_with_Text_RightGRID Alternatives is a 501c3 organization that provides both renewable energy job training and renewable energy installation opportunities for lower income and underserved populations.  This innovative organization aims to increase access to renewable energy benefits for all communities.

The organization, primarily based in CO, CA and NY, features the following programs:

Solar Affordable Housing Program  Through this program, solar electric systems for qualifying low-income homeowners are installed at little or no cost to the homeowners themselves. Certain qualifications and an application process are necessary to be considered for the program.

SASH  GRID Alternatives is the statewide program manager for the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes Program (SASH), a ratepayer-funded program through the California Public Utilities Commission that provides up-front rebates to help low-income homeowners access the benefits of solar power.

International Program  Year-round opportunities exist to take a week-long trip to Nicaragua to bring solar power to off-grid communities.

Tribal Program  GRID Alternatives helps install renewable energy systems and provide job training to Native American communities. 

National Women in Solar Initiative  In conjunction with SunEdison, GRID Alternatives is leading a National Women in Solar Initiative to bring more women into the solar industry and support them in their professional advancement.

SolarCorps Fellows Program  Supported by AmeriCorps, the SolarCorps Fellowship is an opportunity to join GRID Alternatives for a one-year service term.  Fellows gain experience in the solar and non-profit industry to help launch their career while making significant contributions to GRID Alternatives and the broader community. 

Solar Spring Break During winter or spring break, youth volunteers learn to install solar and bring clean, renewable power to families in need. Locations include California, New York and Nicaragua.


This blog is part of an on-going series highlighting thought leaders in the Non Profit sector. 

The Politics of Energy - Educated Voices Needed

The next two years will be challenging for advocates of clean energy in America.  

The new Republican majority in Congress is threatening to rollback the progress of the past 6 years.  Fossil fuels (tar sands oil, coal and natural gas) are their energy sources of choice - with renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal) pushed aside and starved of funding.

That is why the non-profit organizations we are highlighting in this series need your support.  They have the means to educate - to inspire - to call to action - the people (like you) that can make a real difference in the debate - and keep us moving on the road to clean energy.   Look here for assistance with installing solar on your residential or commerical property,


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