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Posted by Amy Guinan

Nov 13, 2014 7:59:42 AM

Bark beetle epidemic in ColoradoNewest dasolar Team Member Shares Thoughts on Renewables 

“We cannot just focus on the problem; in order to be effective we must focus on the solution.”  This sentiment is one of the driving mantras of my life and a primary reason I am working with dasolar.com  My name is Amy Guinan; I am the newest team member at dasolar, and I would like to briefly introduce myself. 

My passion is spending time in the outdoors:  skiing, mountain biking, walking in the woods.  When I am in the mountains I feel most alive.  In 2006 I moved to Boulder, Colorado and was making regular treks up in to the Rockies.  I noticed something quite disturbing that was worsening before my eyes: hundreds of thousands of acres of lodgepole pine trees were turning brown and dying from a bark beetle infestation. Due to the combination of drought and warmer winters, both results of a changing climate, the bark beetles were able to thrive and create massive destruction to the ecosystem. Something deeply personal inside me awoke:  the places that were sacred to me were threatened, and I knew I had to take action about climate change.

I became affiliated with a number of local environmental groups and was surrounded and inspired by the committed, focused, passionate people who had also decided they were ready for change.  Our initial work focused largely on educating the public and policy makers about the serious concerns related to coal power including its finite supply, rising costs due to government regulation and procurement issues, and intense carbon footprint.  But as much as we were talking about what we were against, it was imperative to talk about what we were for:  renewable, safe, accessible, affordable, clean forms of energy that would help to minimize the human impact on the planet. 

I have seen significant advancements in the clean energy field which fill me with hope.  The price for solar and wind has dropped significantly, electric cars with mass consumer appeal will soon be on the market, impressive and significant renewable energy incentives have been implemented,  utility scale renewable energy projects are coming online, and progress towards effective storage of intermittent power sources is happening.

I am proud to be working for dasolar.com because it is a company that is connecting consumers with the best and most advanced renewable energy opportunities available.  Clean energy has a myriad of positive benefits and whether you are looking to save on energy costs or to save the world, the time for renewable energy is now.

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