Renewable Energy Solutions: Non Profit Series Introduction

Posted by Amy Guinan

Dec 4, 2014 4:23:48 PM

Consumers are embracing renewable energy for many reasons:

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  • Lower energy bills
  • Wise investment strategy
  • Promote energy security
  • Halt effects of climate change

Renewables are being embraced by residential and commercial users alike.  Increasingly, a key influencer in the decisions being made by consumers are the many non-profit organizations working to educate and promote these technologies. To spotlight their contributions, we are introducing a nonprofit blog series highlighting nonprofit organizations in the renewable energy world and the work they are doing to expedite solutions.

We have identified the following categories of renewable energy solutions:  

  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Biomass/geothermal/other 
  • Energy incentives
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Public education
  • Activism
  • Conservation
  • Re-localization/distributed energy
  • Public policy

Each week we will feature a nonprofit organization working in one of these fields and highlight their work.  It is our hope to both emphasize the important work of these clean energy organizations and to connect our readers to expanded renewable energy solutions. We hope you enjoy the series and find it helpful and informative.

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