The Winds of Change for Economy of Buffalo, NY

Posted by Amy Guinan

Jul 24, 2015 4:00:00 PM


Re-envisioning Buffalo, NY

After decades of rising unemployment and dwindling economic opportunities, Buffalo, NY is seeing a revitalization - and it is being driven in large part by clean energy!  .  

Recognizing that making a meaningful impact in the region required significant financial commitment, Governor Cuomo recently pledged $1 billion in tax breaks, grants and incentives to the city.  

The end goal of the investment in Buffalo is to develop a cluster economy that bolsters renenwable energy, manufacturing, health and life sciences, and tourism.

So far the efforts are working: the region’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.3 percent (the lowest since 2007).

Building on It's Strengths

In the Buffalo-region there is plenty of existing infrastructure from previous industry. For example, a former steel mill is being converted into a green power plant. With the foundation already in place, connecting to the grid will be faster and cheaper. 

Further, at a long-shuttered steel mill on Lake Erie, a new solar array is joining a wind farm that was completed in 2012 -- electricity from the wind turbines provides power to roughly 15,000 homes.

And new installations include an enormous steel and concrete structure on the Buffalo River that will soon house one of the country’s largest solar panel factories and, in Lockport, to the north of Buffalo, Yahoo recently expanded a data and customer service center that will be powered by the cheap, clean power generated by Niagara Falls.

The winds of change are blowing -- once again, clean energy is proving good for the economy and the environment. 

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